Sunday, October 27, 2013

Infiniti Releases First Images of Q30 Concept Vehicle

We caught a glimpse of it yesterday, and have heard rumors for weeks, but today we have an official image of the Infiniti Q30 concept car, set to be officially unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show in a few weeks. The Infiniti Q30 fuses three different body styles: it offers the sportiness of a coupe, the large interior space provided by a hatchback, and higher stance of a crossover vehicle. This concept is just the brand’s first step in entering the more aggressive premium segments.
This new concept car targets a new generation of premium customers looking for utility, luxury, and individuality. Because it draws elements from different categories of vehicles, it is hard to place the Q30 concept into just one. Infiniti is confident that this standout and unconventional design will be well-received by customers looking to break from the traditional premium compact vehicle and get behind the wheel of something new that challenges conventions
The Infiniti Q30 concept vehicle not only shows innovation in its unique body style and sharp styling, its interior design elements, materials, fit and finish, as well as craftsmanship and performance propel the brand forward. Led by Alfonso Albaisa, Executive Design Director, the Infiniti design team has delved into new territory, creating a bolder and more captivating vehicle, showing how Infiniti plans to further evolve its designs in the near future.
Source: Infiniti