Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Greenhous Electric Vehicle Demonstration In Church Stretton

Greenhous and Stretton Climate Care is hosting an Electric Vehicle Demonstration on the 2nd November at Church Stretton Secondary School from 10am- 2.30pm.
The event will give people the chance to learn about the best electric vehicles on the market.
Greenhous will be taking along a line-up of the latest electric and hybrid cars including the Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe, Toyota Auris, Yaris and Prius hybrids alongside the ground-breaking Vauxhall Ampera. Also on display will be the stunning electric Tesla Roadster. Experts will be on hand to provide specialist knowledge and answer all questions related to electric driving.
Stretton Climate Care was launched in September 2007 and is now a registered charity, helping people to become more energy efficient, save money and reduce their carbon emissions. The charity not only does everything it can to tackle climate change, but also offers knowledge and experience to other communities that want to get involved.
The volunteers involved in Stretton Climate Care have played an important part in the community by giving presentations to local groups and working alongside schools to encourage an ‘Eco-school’ ethos.
Jon Cooke, chairman of Stretton Climate Care, said “Climate change is a huge challenge. We believe that it is important to be locally active so that we can all contribute in a small way to help solve this huge global problem.
“The event will be a chance to show those in the community that are interested in making the switch to electric driving exactly what is on offer. Joining forces
with Greenhous was a great opportunity, not only for them to provide the vehicles, but also ensuring that experts are on hand to provide specialist knowledge about each car.”
Richard Potts, franchise director at Greenhous, said “Adding the likes of Toyota, Nissan and Renault to our portfolio in the summer has given us one of the widest ranges of electric and hybrid vehicles in the area.
“Electric vehicles were once well out of reach for the average consumer but with the advancement of technology, they are slowly becoming far more accessible.
Prices are decreasing, ranges are increasing and more charge points are cropping up around the country. This makes them not only more affordable, but also able to cope with longer distances and ease the customers range anxiety.”
“We were thrilled when Stretton Climate Care asked us to get involved. As a company that is constantly growing, we feel it is incredibly important to do as much as we can to make a difference to the environment whilst influencing others to do the same.”
Richard concluded “We are very much looking forward to speaking to other like-minded people at the event tomorrow and urge anyone else who is interested in the future of cars to come along and see what’s on offer.”