Saturday, October 12, 2013

An electric Kia Soul for North America

North American consumers will have a new electric vehicle to consider next year, the Kia Soul EV. It will be the first time that a Korean manufacturer brings an electric car to North America.
The Kia Soul EV will likely be unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 22. It should arrive in dealerships in early 2014. The style of the Soul EV will be based on the second generation model unveiled at the New York Auto Show last March.
The electric Soul will distinguish itself from other Soul models by offering exclusive colors and displaying badges specific to the EV model. Regarding the engine, nothing has yet been confirmed by Kia, but rumors suggest that the Soul EV will be powered by an electric motor derived from the one found in the Kia Ray EV, a small minivan currently being developed in South Korea. If this proves accurate, the Kia Soul EV would showcase a range of nearly 200 kilometres and a top speed set at 137 km/h.
If these numbers check out, the Soul EV will have one of the most impressive ranges of any electric vehicle. More information is expected about the new electric Soul as we get closer to its launch date.