Monday, September 9, 2013

Volkswagen reveals electric duo due for UK next year

Volkswagen has announced electric versions of its high-volume Golf and supermini Up.
Premiering at the Frankfurt motor show this week, the electric cars will arrive in the UK next year.
The e-Golf is powered by a 115hp 85kW electric motor and can reach 62mph in 10.4 seconds with a top speed of 86mph. Meanwhile, the e-Up has a 82hp 60kW unit, achieving 62mph in 12.4 seconds with a top speed of 80mph.
The zero-emission vehicles can drive a claimed 118 miles and 100 miles respectively on one charge.
The e-Up will be first to hit the UK, with the order book opening early next year for spring deliveries, while the e-Golf will be available to order from around the middle of 2014 with deliveries before the year-end.
Both models offer two driving modes, Eco and Eco+, and four regenerative braking modes to help extend mile ranges. Volkswagen added that fast-charging stations would charge 80% of the battery in half an hour.
Standard features on the cars will include automatic climate control with parking heater and ventilation, radio-nav system, windscreen heating, LED daytime running lights, and in the e-Golf the brand's first use of LED headlights.
Aside from the spare wheel being replaced by batteries, the two models are fundamentally the same as the petrol or diesel models they are based on. Both will be eligible for the Government's £5000 electric vehicle grant, and VW is intending to sell the vehicle with the battery, rather than leasing it separately as Renault does. The company is also looking into ways of ensuring the car appeals in the used market.
Volkswagen said that the target group for electric cars is growing.
"Sustainable mobility is having an increasing impact on people's actions," said the company's announcement. "Yet the products for implementing this environmental awareness must be practical and fun as well, such as the e-Up and e-Golf, which accelerate to big-city pace in just a few seconds."