Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tesla New Electric Car Battery Can Go the Distance

For a very long time now, we've been looking into the company Tesla Motors and their designs for electric cars. They have some real incredible innovations and they are smart business-wise. They took out a loan for the US Government for $465 million, and they've already paid it back 10 years early. (CNN Money) This is a company my partner and I greatly admire and we would love to own one of their eco-friendly electric automobiles one day.
Browsing through r/technology on Reddit, I came across another futuristic development in an awesome tech article (posted on Reddit by user nkbailly). This article is about yet another Tesla innovation. They've come up with a next generation electric car battery that can run 400 miles on a single charge. (Inhabitat) The article discusses how the major concern with electric cars is that they can only run for a certain distance on a single charge, approximately 50-80 miles or 80.5 to 128.7 km. (HowStuffWorks) However, with this new battery, electric cars will be able to travel a great distance before needing to be re-charged.
Now that Tesla has patented this incredibly long running electric battery, I would imagine the electric car industry should soon project the boom. Being able to go greater distances, and with great looking car designs, I'm sure there could be a greater demand for Tesla electric cars. I know I want one!
The battery is a hybrid, "lithium-ion and metal air battery pack." (Inhabitat) The author of this article, Miss Rodriguez, explains how the lithium ion component is meant for short travel and the metal air component for longer distances. She also addresses the issue that the battery may wear out after frequent use.
This seems to be a positive step in the future of clean, green transportation. It seems there are still some things to tweak and adjust, but the path is set, and Tesla seems to be leading the way.