Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rimac unveils Greyp G12 electric bike

Rimac, the Croatian company that created the electric car, Concept One, have now launched their latest project, the Greyp G12 electric bicycle.
The Greyp sports carbon fiber elements and technical specs that make it a finely crafted product. Power comes from a 16PS rear hub motor which can take the bike to 65kmph. A 1.3kWh battery pack mounted centrally inside the frame helps the power last for 120km. This range is enabled also owing to high-performance regenerative brakes that re-fill the energy storage by upto 2kW. This feature puts the Greyp a step above what most e-bikes today in the market offer.
The bike has 26-inch Maxxis Hookworm street tyres and aluminum wheels. Braking comes via 203mm hydraulic disc brakes.
As an instrument cluster, Rimac has gone ahead and added a 5″ color touchscreen that provides all the useful information and the quintessential speed, remaining battery, motor temperature and more. It wont be surprising to see smartphone integration really soon. Another exciting feature is the biometrics function. A fingerprint scanner works as the key, while the bike can also be started with a PIN. The scanner has a memory for 5 prints per user and 50 users. The 5 different prints can be used to cycle through the different riding modes like ‘street mode’, legal speed and top power, etc.
The Greyp G12 electric bicycle will be available all across Europe and the US. Deliveries are scheduled in October. The bike carries a price tag of €6,000/ $7,910