Monday, September 16, 2013

Revolutionary Composite Vertical Wind Turbines from ReVair

Wind technology is an emerging source of renewable energy, with wind farms becoming a large part of many landscapes in different countries as well as in the ocean. The aesthetics of wind farms is another matter however, much like new innovations in solar energy, there has been a similar advancement in wind technology; looking at ways and methods to make the process cheaper and more efficient.
ReVair Inc, a company that manufactures Revolutionary Composite Vertical Wind Turbines, reforms the renewable clean energy market with their innovative products that combine simple design concepts and optimized applications with economical benefits.
The main goal of the company is to improve the wind energy industry by significantly valuing customers keen on real alternative energy solutions.
Its products employ the novel composite and magnetic technologies that ensure ultimate performance.
The company offers products such as; small wind turbines with a power capacity of 1 to 30 kW, middle wind turbines with capacity of 50, 100, 250 and 500 kW and power in a box with up to 3MW of storage in a 20’ trans-model container or up to 5 MW of storage in 40’ container.
The ReVair vertical wind turbine technology offers a suitable solution to meet renewable energy initiatives, goals and standards. The extraordinary efficiency and lightweight nature of the turbines make it possible to generate decentralized electricity. These installations reduce the stress on the existing electrical grid and avoid the need for new and expensive electricity generating facilities.
The turbine blades are designed in a way that it can create lift in all quadrants. ReVair’s turbine incorporates a venturi; ensuring optimized laminar flow to enhance torque and air foil dynamics that governs rotation speeds in high winds. The turbine’s magnetic motor operates without complex controllers, hydraulics, mechanical bearings and gearboxes.
The composite materials used in the turbines are impermeable to water and corrosive factors and are ultra-durable and temperature resistant. These factors render ReVair’s turbines more suitable for installations in the challenging environments; including remote mining and oil fields, field telecommunications and water treatment plants, etc.
The key benefits of ReVair’s vertical wind turbine include: high power generation efficiency; easy installation; magnetic flux-field motor and magnetic bearings that reduce wear and friction; no need of colossal concrete footings; an extended operating range and reduced operating; installation and, maintenance costs.
ReVair revealed their 12’ (3.6 m) tall, 10’ (3 m) round rooftop unit at Chaminade High School in New York April of 2013. ReVair then revealed their 18’ (5.4 m) tall by 6’ (1.8 m) round tower mount model at the Burning Man festival in Nevada September 2013.
The presentation included ReVair’s 20’ composite container housing connectivity equipment and battery storage to promote the “power in the box” concept and clean energy solutions for events and festivals.
Though both turbines are currently rated 5 kW ReVair has designs scalable up to 500 kW of power.
Wind technology and ‘wind farms’ in general are interesting in terms of the energy they generate compared with the scale of producing them.
Wind technology and ‘wind farms’ in general is still up for public debate. Regardless of this wind technology is generating power efficiently relative to scale necessary to produce the power.
ReVair is determined to change the ‘wind game’ by manufacturing low profile turbines with extended output parameters and intended for decentralized commercial industrial applications.