Friday, September 20, 2013

It’s No Longer a Myth – NEWS Officially Starts Saab Production

Saab fans around the world and auto enthusiasts alike rejoice! The ailing Swedish manufacturer is back on track and has started making cars, under its new ownership, National Electric Vehicle Swedenor (NEVS).
SaabsUnited has the details, plus a few photos of the very first new 9-3 from inside the Trollhättan factory.
The first vehicle to be roll off the line is a silver tester and looks exactly like the last cars Saab made before they went bust, though it is explained that it actually hides quite a few changes and new parts under the skin. However, it was not specified what kind of updates were made.

That means they have to test out these new mechanical components, as well as the production line itself prior to the start of mass production, just so as to nip any niggles in the bud and have things running smoothly when the master switch is flipped.
The silver 9-3 will be followed by more cars, as a kind of beta-testing batch to ensure everything is ready and working well. In fact, a second car was already assembled and ready on the day the photos were taken (September 18), but only the one was accessible to those present at the event.