Sunday, September 22, 2013

Holzhäuser heads for Mainz in electric car

The Opel Ampera is part of a new E-mobility campaign in Leverkusen. Wolfgang Holzhäuser is lending his support by driving to Saturday’s away game at Mainz in an electric car. The E-Mobility campaign “Leverkusen takes the electromobility test” was launched on Friday morning. 
Bayer 04, Leverkusen City Council, the Leverkusen Energy Company, Sparkasse Leverkusen and DEVK Insurance have set up this E-mobility campaign in co-operation with Opel. Ten of the extended range E-cars were made available to the project partners on Friday. Bayer 04 managing director Wolfgang Holzhäuser will drive one of the test vehicles cars to the away game in Mainz on Saturday.
At the press conference held at Friday lunchtime Tina Müller, marketing director at Adam Opel AG, Leverkusen mayor Reinhard Buchhorn, Bayer 04 managing director Wolfgang Holzhäuser, Manfred Herpolsheimer, chairman of the board at Sparkasse Leverkusen and EVL managing director Rolf Menzel gave the journalists details of the E-mobility project in Leverkusen.
First destination Mainz
The electromobility test is designed to highlight how practical and suitable for everyday use E-mobility is today. The ten Opel Ampera will be used in the car pools of the individual partner or as the mayor’s official vehicle. The campaign aims to gain vital information for the future of alternative mobility and test out the everyday use of electromobility – as in a journey to a Bundesliga away game. Wolfgang Holzhäuser will soon be able to contribute his first-hand knowledge to the project: The Bayer 04 managing director will travel to Saturday’s away game at Mainz (15.30 CET) in an Opel Ampera.
“Mobility plays a big part in football. Away from the pitch, we want to use our position as an innovative club to gain experience with the mobility of the future as soon as possible. We’re very well placed with our premium car partner Opel and their Ampera electric car,” said Wolfgang Holzhäuser.
“Our Opel Ampera is unique. No other European electric car can transport four people up to 80 kilometres just using electricity and, on top of that, it can go over 500 kilometres using both forms of fuel– without have to stop at a charging point. We are convinced that the Ampera will impress all the participants in the electromobility test in Leverkusen,” said Andreas Marx, marketing director at Opel.