Monday, September 30, 2013


Electricity consumption is very high in South Africa because there have not been enough solutions to the problem.

 They are other forms of generating energy besides using fossil fuels. Solar, wind and tidal wave are other forms of energy that needs to be used in order to save our planet. These forms of energy are clean and non-contaminant. South Africa's energy usage could decrease by more than 50% if these other energy sources are put in place.
We need to find out how many companies are into the energy industry and then determine how many of them are willing to reduce carbon footprint. We will need to determine how much energy each company uses and then determine how they can integrate solar, wind and tidal wave power into they're current operations.
We will need to work closely with engineers, financial managers and project managers. Engineers will work in designing processes and machines that incorporates solar, wind and tidal wave power. Financial managers will ensure that we work within budget and they will assist in feasibility studies. Project managers will co-ordinate all activities and resources. We will offer these individuals incentives and they names will be imbedded on the structures so that they are remembered for a long time.
South Africa was facing a load shading and blackouts crisis during the winter months due to high energy consumption. Solar systems along can create enough energy to power a traffic light, gate motor, charge a phone battery, light a house and heat water.
A lot of people will save money, we will be saving our planet and environment, we will reduce pollution and we will be having a greener environment.
Solar, wind and tidal wave is available freely from nature. We have engineers who can come up with the technology to allow us to harness as much energy as possible.
The only costs incurred will be transportation costs, labour costs, construction costs and maintenance costs. The only risk is if nature decides to do the unexpected. If there is no sun then it means we can't produce solar energy, if there is no wind and tidal waves then will have no energy and the situation will be beyond our control. People want to save money and enjoy other things, so the demand for saving money is extremely high.