Tuesday, September 17, 2013

GM Following Tesla To Develop $30,000, 200-mile EV

Tesla has promised a 200-mile range electric car in the mid-$30,000 range to be built a few years hence, and now General Motors says it too is working on a similar performing EV for $30,000.
This is according to a report today citing a talk with GM’s Vice President of Global Product Development Doug Parks who – unlike Tesla – has not committed to when or if the global automaker will build one.
Tesla has said it will shoot for 2016 or perhaps a year or two later. Parks said only GM’s engineers are working on similar performance parameters, they already have technology to match the $71,000 Tesla Model S, but want it much cheaper.
Among all-electric cars, Currently GM is only marketing its Spark EV in Oregon and California. This torquey 119 MPGe subcompact offers an estimated 82 miles range and costs around $27,495 before subsidies.
Parks said there is a race among itself and automakers beyond Tesla and despite lacking many specifics, he suggested GM will not be left behind.