Friday, August 9, 2013

The 2013 Fisker Karma ES First Drive in Dubai

Lately, the 2013 Fisker Karma ES was launched and was driven first in the UAE. It looks exactly the similar concept that was been out several years ago. Back in 2005 Fisker known as the carmaker that has penned the certain BMW and the Aston Martin sports cars several years ago, was planning to reconstruction the BMW coupes under the name of Fisker. In 2008, the idea of making a concept of electric car was ridiculous and this idea will not go any further. But after these years, Fisker has proved that this 2013 Fisker Karma ES is somehow interesting.
During its first drive, Fisker Karma gives the feeling of full-technology and comfortable ride that is wrapped in a sporty and luxurious look of a car. From the exterior you can see the sporty feeling combined with the wavy profile of body. The sporty kind of feeling you can also feel inside this Fisker Karma. The dashboard is equipped with the large LCD touch screen that contains a lot of information about your ride. This screen becomes the control for everything inside the car including radio, music, phone and other entertainment and navigation purposes. Some safety features are also attached to protect the driver and passengers.
But the real technology of this car is placed on its engine. This car is powered by two 161 electric motors that control the rear wheels. Moreover, there is also the 260 hp 2.0-litre turbo petrol back up engine that can be used to drive the electric motors better than drive the wheels directly. The handling can work comfortably and able to perform the fast speed and the responsive controlling to drive. With the attached power engine, this car has provided more than the capability to run on the city roads. However, the boot is very small and only can fit some groceries bags or a small trolley.