Friday, August 16, 2013

MONTEREY WEEKEND: NEW Details About The BMW i8 Emerge At PRIVATE Showing

While you may still be gawking at the high-quality images Agent 001 shot of the all-new BMW M4 Concept and Gran Lusso, we still have MORE news for you.
Yup, this is the party that keeps on giving.
At the BMW event there was a private showing of the all-new i8. You know, the electric car that BMW's been working on for the past 24 or so months. Though 001 was NOT allowed to photograph the car, he was given the low down on all the information one could ask for.
Let's take it from the top:
- The i8 will produce 231 horsepower
- Top speed will be set at 155 mph
- 95 mpg
- Electric drive unit can be used for 22 miles of fully electric driving, or you can drive using both fuel and electricity
- Weight distribution is a perfect 50/50
- The interior will feature a "virtual gauge display"
In addition, 001 gave me a breakdown of the vehicle's design traits.
001 noted to me that the vehicle essentially looks like 90 percent of the concept. Essentially it will be the same with exception of the see through glass doors seen on the concept vehicle. The doors will operate like the concept, however —they go up. The vehicle was painted a two-tone white/black with "BMW blue" accents.
Down the side of the car there will be what 001 describes as a "cool air channel" that makes the roof look like it's separated from the rest of the body. Think of what BMW's been doing with its "air curtains" and you will more or less understand what he's talking about.
On the inside 001 describes the center stack as "6-Series meets 850" from back in the day.
So, what's all of this mean? Essentially the vehicle will be heavily derived off the concept just it will be made real.
Check out our images of i8 Concepts from the auto show circuit below to get a taste.