Monday, August 19, 2013

Is the Future Electric on a Vectrix VX-3 Li+ scooter?

With prices at $14,995, the Vectrix VX-3 Li+ scooter is a rather expensive scooter. It could be argued that the Vectrix VX-3 Li+ scooter is a cheap high-tech, fully-electric, three-wheeled transport too. If that’s the case, and given the high praise the Vectrix VX-3 Li+ scooter has garnered, it could be considered a premium electric vehicle for a reasonable price as well.
Let me explain.
The Vectrix VX-3 Li+ scooter is a premium vehicle before you even get to the electric motor. There are quite a few three wheeled scooters out there, I’ve even ridden one, a MC D50TKA, Sunny 50cc Three-Wheel Trike Scooter (which ran about $1,500) but the Vectrix VX-3 Li+ scooter is much larger and has high end components. Its hub-mounted motor puts out 21 kW at the motor shaft, makes 5.1 horsepower and an impressive 45 lbs-feet of torque.
Overall range runs between 50 to 80 miles and it can be fully recharged in under six hours.
There’s more to the Vectrix VX-3 Li+ scooter package, as it has: Three Brembo disc brakes, planetary gear drive, throttle reverse, regenerative breaking & accelerating, articulating front suspension, twin shocks, Pirelli tires and a host of electronic readouts that look more akin to high end motorcycles.
“Once you’ve ridden the revolutionary three wheeled VECTRIX VX-3 Li+, you’ll understand. It’s the right mix of performance and stability, delivered at speeds up to 110 km/h (68 mph). The VX-3 Li+ offers an impressive range; it’s a both daily commuter and weekend fun machine. Using the VECTRIX™ “ELOC” electronic lock system, the VX-3 Li+ can be locked upright for speeds up to 8 km/h (5 mph) for low-speed balance and unlocked for true “motorcycle-like” riding. Just imagine—Good for the planet, easy-to-ride, and stable.” – - Vectrix Media
I have to drive one for an honest opinion, but I am intrigued by the performance numbers. Obviously, any scooter costing nearly $15,000 has to be special (or, at least it better be), so the science has to be as good as advertised. If nothing else, the future for vehicles like the Vectrix VX-3 Li+ scooter seem bright.
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