Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ford SUV Runs Purely On Gas! Satire Site Praises The Innovation

DETROIT – (WWJ) You know you’ve made it when you’re parodied in “The Onion”– a popular website that produces satire as if it was true news.
In an article headlined, “Ford Develops New SUV That Runs Purely on Gasoline,” the online publication pokes fun at claims made by electric vehicle makers.
The article praises the “Ford Petrola” as a “vehicle that runs on a specialized fuel derived almost entirely from naturally occurring organic compounds.”
That would be gasoline, which is described here as “a 100 percent reliable, oil-based energy source,” that’s available at more than 100,000 fueling stations across America.
Everything the article says is true, other than the name of the fictional vehicles, and made up quotes from Ford Product Development VP Raj Nair. But, the descriptions also apply to just about every internal combustion vehicle built in the past century.
In a humorous way, the article also points out many of the advantages that conventionally powered vehicles have over electric vehicles, and vehicles powered by hydrogen based fuel cells