Saturday, August 17, 2013

All-green track for testing e-bikes and cars will be built by Honda

Just building a new motorcycle and car testing road track is hardly news worthy, even if it’s intended purpose is to aid in the development of hybrid or electric vehicles. Still, Honda manages to take the spot by unveiling plans to build a carbon neutral facility.
Along its already promising steps into the electric and hybrid car industry, Honda has also been preparing for quite some time to dig deep into the electric motorcycle business. In order to do so, it has revealed some prototypes and now the Japanese manufacturer announces the construction of a special test track dedicated to developing e-bikes and cars.
The project will be 100% self-sustainable by means of solar panels harvesting the required energy, with no less than 70,000 solar panels to be installed across an area of 33 hectares, with the track and adjacent facilities spreading across some other 25 hectares.
The “raceway” will be around 4 km long (2.48 mi) and will be the base camp for the development of bikes such as the RC E electric bike concept or the EV-neo e-scooter. Also cars such as the CR-Z, Insight or Jazz (Fit) hybrids and Leaf all electric will be tested and developed here. Based in the Sakura region of the Tochigi prefecture, Honda’s zero-impact circuit is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2015.