Monday, August 12, 2013

2nd HEV Technology Summit 2013

Event Name : 2nd HEV Technology Summit 2013
Event Date : September 26-27,2013
Location : Shanghai, China
Website :
Organizer: Merisis
In conjunction with: China Power Supply Association
Supporter: CAAM Expert Committee
From a prospect of market and technology, hybrid electric vehicle as one type of new energy vehicles is most probably to be largely-scaled, industrialization and also an inevitable trendency from traditional vehicles to electric vehicles.
It is predicted that global HEV market share will increase from the current 3.7% to 13% by 2020 while the Chinese market will reach 740 thousand units, the growth rate of market is18% by 2015. From a prospect of policy, the State Council-approved “energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan(2012-2020)”pointed out that “focus on promoting the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle industry and popularizing the non-plug-in hybrid vehicles”. After the “China Two Sessions”, the hybrid vehicle is expected to be included in the scope of policy subsidies.
With the industrialization process gradually speed up, the market of hybrid cars & plug-in hybrid cars is facing the moment of both opportunities and challenges. At this perfect moment, Merisis took this honor to organize the 2nd HEV Technology Summit 2013, which co-host with China Power Supply Association, on Sep.26th -27th, Shanghai, China. We will gather more than 200 attendees from OEMs, part and material suppliers, government authorities, industry associations to participate in this event and deeply discuss on the key technologies like battery, motor, drive system, control system, powertrain etc. We are dedicated to providing an unique communication platform in HEV market and to accelerating the progress of HEV technology in China.
Highlighted Points:
Content: Focus on the latest tendency of policy, realize the OEM’s strategy and planning, grasp the core industry technology. A complete international forum Integrated with keynote address, guest interviews, business negotiations.
Scale: More than 50 OEMs and parts enterprises attending from domestic and overseas, more than 150 high-level decision makers will bring you a absolutely new idea storm and leading-edge products.
Value: Blockbuster launched the only one high-level closed door meeting specific in hybrid vehicle market. Especially create one to one business negotiation platform. Seats are limited, first come first served.
Key issues to be coverd
-Analysis China’s latest policy guidance on new energy vehicles
-Focus on the planning and strategy overview from vehicle manufacturer
-Explore the latest battery technology development tendency
-Concerned on the Mechatronics Technology
-Improve independent R&D of full hybrid system
Part of Keynote Speakers:
Rong Huikang, Prof. Senior Engineer, CAAM
Sun Jingwei, General Secretry, China Power Supply Association
Wang Zidong, Director of Battery Testing Centre, 863 Plan / Director of Power Battery Lab, China North Vehicle Research Institute
Patrick Debal, System Expert Hybird Powertrain,Punch Powertrain
Robert Deutsch, Director BU HEV, Continental AG
Peter Birke, Head of Advanced Cell & Battery Engineering, SK Continental E-motion
Araji Kuniyuki, Head of Vehicle Driving System, Toshiba
Tian Zhaowu, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Xiamen University