Thursday, July 11, 2013


By Ali Ibrahim Al-Moshki
SANA’A,— The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) initiated the Youth Innovation and Creativity Award in Sana’a on Tuesday, and will reward innovative and creative youth with funds to finance their proposed projects.
15 winners will be selected and awarded sums between $4000 and $20,000. UNDP hopes to encourage youth, aged 18-35, to participate in the competition and to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in the country.
UNDP representative Ismael Weld Sheikh Ahmed told Yemen Times that supporting youth and encouraging them to establish sustainable and profitable projects will help provide work opportunities for others as well.
The program aims to uncover the capacities and creativity of Yemeni youth and to support the creation of profitable projects.
Sultan Al-Rajehi, one of the participants in the competition, told Yemen Times that his project aims to establish a tailoring shop for women and a candy store for men. It would employ ten employees, male and female. Half of the employees would produce the goods and perform the services and the other half would be involved in marketing these products, Al-Rajehi said.
Hundreds of the youth have presented to UNDP in hopes of being chosen for an award.
Emad Al-Sakkaf’s project is a solar energy device that is capable of operating TVs, fans and air conditioners. His project is called, Smart Green House and costs YR 45,000, or about $200.
The award is sponsored by UNDP and Yemen’s Ministry of Industry and Trade, in partnership with the governments of Japan and Korea, as well as Hael Saeed Anam Trading Group.