Friday, July 5, 2013

The New Nissan Leaf: Feel the Surge of Excitement [Video]

With a better looking, better equipped Micra, a much better Note that we can actually take seriously and a new Qashqai, Nissan's compact car segment is finally where it should have been all along. We thing the Leaf should actually be considered a flagship of the range because it pioneered the biggest amount of technology in the segment and made electric mobility possible for 62,000 regular people and businesses.
This new commercial for the Sunderland-built EV is all about impressing people. It was once hard to get excited about something like an electric car or a compact, yet the Leaf to stimulate people. The ad is part of the "Feel the surge" campaign conceived by TBWAG1 and directed by Olivier Gondry. The song "Arena" was performed by the band Suuns.
So maybe the world isn't ready for an electric car, but the electric car is ready for them and will do its best to leave a lasting impression. The new leaf is a bit cheaper, has slightly revised styling and a better battery. A better version of the best selling pure EV in the world? Sounds like an interesting car.