Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The 2013 Award of the World Investment Conference Europe (WIC Europe) Honours Japan and our Energy and Industrial Future

During this exceptional event gathering corporate and political leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and experts, the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) receives the World Investment Conference Europe 2013 AwardPARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 02, 2013--
The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization was rewarded for its high-tech innovation projects in Europe.
Mr. Hideo HATO, President, NEDO, received the prize from Ms. Catherine TRAUTMANN, Member, European Parliament and Vice President, Urban Community of Strasbourg.
Following the two oil crises of the 1970s, the need for energy diversification increased. Against this backdrop, NEDO was established as a semi-governmental organization in 1980 to promote the development and introduction of new energy technologies. Over the past few years, NEDO has invested in many innovative projects in Europe.
<< It's a great honour to receive this award from the World Investment Conference Europe >>, says M. Hideo HATO, President, NEDO. << We are particularly pleased to remind the importance of the Japanese-European collaboration. While we are living in a networking world, increasingly interconnected, in which people have to live together, each major technological project we implement in Europe is an important and strategic matter for the Japanese government. >>
<< Since its establishment, NEDO has undertaken technology development, demonstration projects and system improvement with the aim of improving Japan's global competitiveness and addressing energy and global environmental issues in an integrated manner >>, adds Jean-Bernard Guerrée, President & CEO, World Investment Conferences. << Today, in Europe, NEDO is implementing this philosophy thanks to smart community related projects through cooperation with public and private organizations. We are particularly proud to reward these activities and initiatives which allowed our people, our territories and our industries to work hand in hand>>.
Notable examples include the Smart Community Demonstration project in Lyon, France, and in Malaga, Spain. They work with companies such as Bouygues, Veolia Transdev, Grand Lyon Habitat, Toshiba and Toshiba Solutions for Lyon project and Endesa, Telefonica, Ayesa, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Hitachi and Mitsubishi Corporation for Malaga project.
The Lyon Smart Community represents an investment of about 40 million euros and has four aspects aiming for energy neutrality by 2013: -- The creation of a block of 3 new buildings as positive energy buildings -- The creation of an electric vehicle sharing system -- Green renovation of social housing by introducing a system for visualizing electricity usage in Perrache -- The development of a Community Management System (CMS) to facilitate the overall energy management in the area
In Malaga, Spain, a project was started to promote the development of electric vehicles (EV) and EV management system. In that purpose 200 electric vehicles and 23 quick chargers have been established.
In Manchester City, United Kingdom, NEDO and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority is conducting a feasibility study according to an agreement aiming to create a low carbonized and smart house by utilizing heat pump and ICT-related technology.
WIC Europe 2013 is organized in partnership with the Region Alsace and the Urban Community of Strasbourg.
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