Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Solar, Electric Car, Energy News Roundup

Random & Mixed Categories
Austria to Go 100% Nuclear Free
Energy Democracy, Not Corporate Welfare
Transit Space Race: Mapping Every Transit Project in the United States
Graph of the Day: Australia’s Untapped Emission Cuts
Reuters Slashes Climate Coverage, Pressures Reporters To Include False Balance
Mapping a Month of Bike Sharing in New York City
New Renewable Energy Planning Rules Unveiled in UK
Infographic: Renewable Energy, 3D Printing Among Fastest-growing Industries
Grid Storage
Power Storage In Old Batteries
Trial Run for Biggest Battery in Europe that Could Help Power Britain
Solar Energy
California Solar Leasing = 75% of New Solar Power Orders
Solar Cars Prepping For Solar Car Race In Australia
10,000,000,000 Watts of US Solar Power Now Creating Electricity
Cost of Solar = Negative $20,000 (Double Negative = …)
Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages (8-0)
Must See Video: California Governor Jerry Brown On Solar Revolution
Why People Go Solar — Not For The Environment (+ Hilarious Videos)
Woman Wins $34,260 In Lottery, Decides Not To Claim It
Solar Panel Installation Cost — $0
Toyota, Nissan, Honda, & Mitsubishi Agree to Joint Development of Charging Infrastructure in Japan
Electric Vehicle Sales Near 9,000 For June 2013 — One Of Their Best Months Ever
Report: Emissions From North Dakota Flaring Equivalent To One Million Cars Per Year
LA Times: EPA Censored Key Pennsylvania Fracking Water Contamination Study