Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mercedes-Benz Vision Electric Golf Cart Looks Like A Neat City Car

Electric cars have been criticized as “golf carts” but the design department for Mercedes-Benz has dreamed up a golf cart that looks remarkably like a small city car.
It is pretty minimalist, but the all-electric Vision Golf Cart is as feature packed as can be and was created after synthesizing ideas sent in to Mercedes-Benz by hundreds of golf fans who thought to improve on a rather mundane design.
This enclosed cart is charged via solar panels on the roof, or manually by plugging in.
It features touch-screens and a center console with multimedia panel with rotating docking station for an iPad or iPhone as well as a USB interface.
The cart can be controlled by occupants on either side via a joystick in lieu of a steering wheel. And it outdoes a Renault Twizy in that it has a “fore” button to issue a warning to unwary golfers in the vicinity of a rogue golf ball in flight.
Pure luxury. And pure fiction at this point. Mercedes-Benz has issued no plans to build this little EV, but if you were wondering what a golf cart from M-B would look like, this it suggests, could be it.