Monday, July 22, 2013

How long will a Porsche engine last?

What is the life of a Porsche 2007 911 4S motor? How long will it last with proper maintenance? – John
Call me old fashioned, but to me, a motor refers to an electric device, an engine is an internal combustion device. A hybrid vehicle has both –a motor to drive the wheels using electricity and an engine running on gasoline.There is no definitive answer to your question. That’s like asking how far is up.The number of kilometres and or years would depend on how well it was maintained, or the service schedule.
Porsche engines are renowned for their longevity and reliability if properly maintained. The water-cooled engine in the 2007 911 4S was new when that model entered production in 2004. Actually it was a larger-displacement version of the engine used in base and previous generation 911 (996-series).
The engine in the 4S displaces 3.8 litres while the base 911 engine was 3.6 litres. The difference is due to a larger bore. Other changes included intake manifolds, camshafts and injectors. If the factory-recommended procedures and schedules are followed, it should last for hundreds of thousands of kilometres. On the other hand, if abused and not maintained, it could develop terminal problems within tens of thousands of kilometres.
Neither Transport Canada nor the U.S. National Highway Safety Administration has issued a recall for this model Porsche.
The bottom line is this is a car purchased for its image and reputation. If the owner bought for image, he or she has probably not driven it as hard as the person who bought it for the engineering and racing history expected from the marque. If you are buying used, have it checked over carefully. If you are the original owner – enjoy!