Tuesday, July 9, 2013

German companies can cut energy costs with voltage optimisation

Leading manufacturer of the Powerstar range of voltage optimisation solutions EMSc (UK) Ltd, is urging German companies to consider installing the technology as a part of their green sustainability plans.
The company, which recently signed a distribution agreement with Hamburg based company 67rockwell, believes that voltage optimisation can assist German companies that have become increasingly burdened by the costs of subsidising green energy production, reduce their energy bills.
Germany has successfully implemented a broad range of energy policies across all sectors, notably in energy efficiency and climate change. The scale of Germany’s energy policy ambitions however, coupled with the size and energy requirements of the economy, and its location at the heart of Europe’s energy system, mean that companies need to take action to try and offset electricity prices, which are among the highest in Europe.
In Germany, like most of Europe, voltage levels have been harmonised at 230V, with electricity suppliers able to deliver voltage at +6%/-10% of this figure, resulting in many sites being provided with higher levels of voltage than actually required. This ‘over provision’ means that voltage delivered to a site can be optimised through voltage optimisation technologies like Powerstar.
With an average payback period of just 3-5 years, Powerstar provides expected savings of 12%-15% in energy consumption and delivers significant reductions in CO2 emissions and electricity costs. The multi award-winning solution, which is the only voltage optimisation unit in the world to be granted a patent for its design, has been entirely designed and manufactured in the EU for over ten years.
Powerstar is available in a range of solutions including intelligent, electronic-variable optimisation (Powerstar MAX) and fixed optimisation (Powerstar).
In recognition of the continued international success Powerstar has achieved in markets like Cyprus, Spain, Malta, Greece, South Africa, Australia and the United Arab Emirates, EMSc (UK) Ltd recently won the UK Trade & Investment (UKT&I) ‘Exporter of the Year 2013 ’ award.
About EMSc UK
EMS has been researching, designing and manufacturing the Star® range of energy saving solutions in the UK for over 10 years. In addition to the market leading Powerstar voltage optimisation solution, the company also manufactures Airstar and Hotelstar, products that allow companies, organisations and hotels to reduce their energy costs as well as reduce their carbon emissions.
2011 - Winner Innovation of the Year Award Yorkshire Post Excellence in Business Awards
2010 - Winner of the Yorkshire Forward Innovator/10: Innovation in Action Award
2006 - Winner of the CARE4AIR AWARD
2006 & 2004 SMART Award for Innovation
About Powerstar
Can save an average of 12-15% (up to 26.1% savings recorded) of electricity consumption.
Is fully designed and manufactured in the UK. All Powerstar components, including even minor items such as the paint, are sourced from UK manufacturers. The Powerstar design and any associated software are designed by EMSc UK Limited.
Requires no maintenance and has a 15 year warranty.
Comes with guaranteed savings.
Will improve the life expectancy of electrical equipment.
Will improve the power quality (reduce harmonics and improve the power factor).
Has the highest efficiency and provides better savings than any other voltage optimisation system sold in the UK (on the same load and same voltage reduction).
This has been proven in independent tests by the electricity supplier RWE npower.
RWE npower commented: We did a trial with Powerstar and one other supplier. Powerstar showed a larger overall saving compared to the other supplier. In addition, it improved the power quality more. Powerstar was the better system in all aspects, including the technical design and capabilities.
Powerstar® is the registered trademark of EMSc (UK) Ltd.