Saturday, July 27, 2013

First all-electric private hire car licensed in Knowsley

Knowsley’s first all-electric private hire vehicle has been granted a private hire vehicle licence from the council’s licensing team.
This new private hire vehicle will help both the borough and taxi/ private hire providers understand how zero emission vehicles can be integrated into taxi and private hire fleets from now on.
Electrically-powered vehicles provide many economic and environmental benefits. As well as being cheaper to run (many offer free road tax), they do not emit harmful exhaust emissions and they are much quieter to run.
These vehicles can be charged at home, at work or at a public charging point.
Cllr Thomas Grierson, Chairman of the Licensing Committee said: “This is a great opportunity for the borough and I hope further taxi and private hire providers may look to broaden their fleet with electric cars. This supports the council’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and to supporting Knowsley residents in reducing carbon emissions in their community.”
Taxi owner, George Price, added: “I chose to go electric due to the increasing fuel costs and wanted to play my part in reducing carbon emissions. Given the mileage I cover as a taxi driver, it was becoming increasingly expensive to fill up at the pumps. My vehicle is charged using solar panels installed at my house, so as well as saving money, I am also doing my bit for the environment! I would encourage other taxi drivers to go electric.”