Friday, July 19, 2013

Electric police car tested in Stroud district

Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl testing the electric Vauxhall Ampera on Thursday
THE ROADS of Dursley and the surrounding area maybe patrolled by special electric police cars in the not too distant future.
Gloucestershire Police is considering greener options for its fleet and the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl is keen to find out if electric vehicles are a viable option.
He got the chance to see for himself when he test-drove a fully electric Vauxhall Ampera in Forest Green last Thursday (July 11).
"Obviously the police have specific requirements that are quite different to the every day motorist but this is an ideal opportunity to have a look at the technology and see what it’s capable of," said Mr Surl.
The model is an extended-range electric vehicle combining improved performance, reliability and handling.
Its power comes from a combination of batteries and a petrol-driven generator. When the battery runs low, the generator kicks in to provide electricity for the motor.
The battery itself gives the car a range of 50 miles and 310 miles combined with the generator and will go from zero to 60mph in just under nine seconds.