Saturday, July 6, 2013

Electric Motorcycle Wind Turbine Charging System

Wind Cycle is an Electric Motorcycle design that will use wind turbines to expand range and make the change to electric more appealing.
What is Wind Cycle?
Wind Cycle is a brand created for my electric vehicle conversion project.
The reason it is called Wind Cycle is because we plan to use wind power to charge our electric motorcycle. Our prototype motorcycle will use ultra capacitors instead of batteries and wind turbines to keep the charge while in motion.Once we have proof the turbines increase performance and range on our bike, we would like to fit them to other electric bikes on the market. The goal is to increase the range of an electric motorcycle by 25%.
Why are we on Kickstarter?
We have to build our prototype. Wind Cycle needs your support and contributions to fund the first official prototype build.
The electric vehicle (EV) conversion is needed to have a low-cost electric motorcycle with the specifications needed. The reason it is called an EV conversion is because the combustion engine is removed and replaced with an electric motor, converting the bike from gas to electric. It is actually cheaper for us to do an EV Conversion than it is to purchase a production level electric motorcycle.
Wind Cycle wants to accomplish in the motorcycle market what Tesla Motors has accomplished in the automobile market: create a better product and outsell petroleum powered counterparts
In the first quarter of 2013, Tesla Motors took over Luxury car sales. We want Wind Cycles to not only be the best electric motorcycle but also the best overall motorcycle.
Current Status of the project:
A rolling chassis has already been acquired. The Suzuki DR350 frame will allow for both on-road and off-road testing.

Suzuki DR350 w/ Engine
Combustion engine has been removed from the chassis.
Still Needed for the Wind Turbine Module Prototype:
We need to Purchase a 3D printer and software.
Then we will Design and print multiple types and sizes of blades.
We will also need to purchase turbine generators or alternators.
A voltage regulator or controller will also be needed to integrate the turbines into the charging system.
Design a Housing to affix the turbine to. We will first make it out of cardboard to avoid high cost of materials. We will then fabricate the final housing out of plastic and steel.
Multiple versions will be mounted and tested to see which gets better performance and which looks the best.
Still needed for the EV Conversion:
The frame needs prepared for welding mounting brackets for the electric motor, controllers, and power source. Cardboard mock ups of the parts need made to ensure proper alignment and spacing.
Parts need ordered. Specialized tools may need purchased or rented for assembly.
Brackets will then need measured, cut, and welded into place.
After the frame is sandblasted and the brackets welded on, it's off to paint.Once returned the bike will be assembled.
Final inspection and testing will be done on the electrical odometers, signals, horn, and lights.
The test drive begins!
This will complete the Electric Vehicle Conversion part of the project. We are building our own Electric Motorcycle for two reasons: it will have the specifications needed for our wind turbine and it's cheaper than buying a Brammo or Zero. Plus, The EV conversion means one less bike in the salvage yard.
Wind Cycle wouldn't be a Wind Cycle without the next stage: Designing and fabricating the aerodynamic wind turbine modules.
Multiple designs will be needed to test aerodynamics and aesthetics.
The modules will then be mounted and tested.
So long as we increase the range of our electric vehicle by 25%, proof of concept will be reached.
We are so Excited!
But we won't stop there. Continuing to increase range and overall performance will continue. Again, the dream would be to create an electric motorcycle that doesn't need plugged in. Transportation that supplies its own power. Wind Cycle will help make the change to EV's easy by removing any fear of running out of charge.
Allocating Funds
$3000 Development of the wind turbine modules
$2,500 3D Design, Printing, and testing of different types of turbine blades
$ wind generator $450 x2 / $120 x2 alternator
$ housing development for aerodynamics and aesthetics
Plastic moldings and Metal framing brackets
Heat shrink and Wiring
Specialized Tools - Drill Press, Mig Welder rental, Grinding wheels, sand blaster rental, digital multi meters, crimper tool, etc.
Wind Turbine Controller/ Voltage Regulator - To be determined on the output of the fabricated turbine.
$5000 Known Parts AllocationMotor - Motenergy ME-0709
Similar in performance to the Perm-132 and the Lemco LEM-200 motors.
Power - UltraCapacitors: Maxwell Technologies - BCAP3000 P270 K04
$55.59 eachx54 = $3,001.86
 $13.25 each x27 = $357.75
 $34.00 x1
Power Controller - Alltrax AXE7245 Motor Controller 450 Amp 24-72 VDC
Throttle - Magura Twist Grip Throttle 0-5K Ohm  $49.00
Odometer - EXRAY-U BOLT Speedometer $171.00
Charging - Quick Charge On Board Charger SCO7220 72V 20A with Select-A-Charge  $465.00
$3000 to the Perks/Rewards
THE Rewards!
Our Appreciation
$10 reward is a Sticker with the Wind Cycle Logo
$25 reward is an Official Wind Cycle T-Shirt. The front displays "Wind Cycle" in it's own special font and the back has a locker tag with the Wind Cycle logo.
Wind Cycle T-Shirt Rendering
$100 reward is a 32GB USB Flash Drive that has all the pictures and video of the project. There will also be a personalized "Thank You" video recorded from the Wind Cycle inventor, fabricator, and owner Brandon Lape.
$500 reward makes you a sponser of the finished prototype. Being a sponsor gets your name on the finished project as well as posted at any events the prototype travels to. Black Vinyl will display the name or logo of you, your business, or your EV enthusiest club.
$2500 (Limit 5) Be flown out for a test drive! [must have motorcyclee endorsement on drivers license] If local, I will bring the bike to you and take you and a guest to dinner to discuss the project and future ambitions.
Beyond our Goal (Our Vision)
$12,000 – This will help pay for the completion of the EV Conversion of this DR350 known to Wind Cycle as the Dust Devil. Your contribution will also fund the additional designing and fabrication of the Wind Turbines that help to extend the Range. This is what Wind Cycle plans to use to take the Motorcycle World by storm.
$25,000 – Helps to complete the Dust Devil (DR350 EV Conversion) with Wind Turbine Kit. This amount also allows us to purchase a Zero XU Electric Motorcycle ($10,490 MSRP) and fit it with wind Turbines. We will then test the purchased Zero to see if we increase range.
$50,000 – Wind Cycle get to purchase yet another Electric Motorcycle to test the turbines on, Brammo's Enertia Plus ($10,995 MSPR). We will also allocate funds for trade shows and accommodations. Maybe we can get enough recognition and present to both Brammo and Zero.
$100,000 – Complete Professional Testing of R&D Prototypes
I was so proud to get rid of the engine
Driving Wind Cycle to Market
We start taking orders as soon a proof of concept is achieved. We will follow the Tesla Motors lead. Once Wind Cycle has enough orders, we will go to a bank to apply for loans to go into production.
Wind Cycle would like to be an entirely new Brand of Motorcycle. But if we cannot compete, we plan to fit our Turbines onto Electric Motorcycles already on the market. This way the Wind Turbine can be produced and then purchased as an accessory to anyelectric motorcycle. This will help to extend the range of all manufactured Electric bikes.
The best way to get people to adopt Electric Vehicle's is to take the fear away. The fear that you could be left stranded due to being out of charge. It's happened to us even in our gas vehicles. Gas gauge broke so we ran out of gas. No more. Wind Cycle wants to keep you driving and alleviate the fear of not having enough charge.
This will only be a possibility after proof of concept is achieved with your help.
Other Ways You Can Help
Even if you cannot contribute financially, help us get the word out: Share our Facebook and Twitter posts, email your family, friends, and co-workers links to our Kickstarter campaign, and talk about us.
Filthy Discarded Engine
Wind Cycle would also like to support other ideas and projects on kickstarter by using their parts.
Vololights, MuzaMoto, and BansheeHorn are the main items we are looking to use to increase the visibility and safety.
These innovations have a sleek look, design, and the specifications to help Wind Cycle offer better options than the competition.
Why Ultra Capacitors?
Ultra Capacitors will allow us to charge faster. They are lighter weight than batteries. Lighter weight helps to increase range. The future of power is in Ultra Capacitors. Search: Graphene on Google or Reddit.
Check out these examples of Ultra Capacitor Power:
Risks and challenges
Our personal health risk while working with the Ultra Capacitors. We will be working with enough power to kill us! But we are skilled enough to avoid getting electrocuted.
Another Risk is that this is a prototype, it is possible that we get all our parts and pieces assembled and the bike doesn't run. Or that the design needs specification changes to accommodate unforeseen results.
Getting the bike road worthy. The State of Ohio will have to verify the bike is road worthy before they can allow it to be registered with license plates.
It is possible the State denies us the status of being a motorcycle and we would have have to settle with being labeled as a road worthy scooter.
Wind Cycle has to be classified as a motorcycle in order for us to compete with motorcycles. If we get classified as a scooter there could be speed limitations put on us while on the road. Even if Wind Cycle can travel 55mph we may only get classified for 35.