Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ukraine to introduce mandatory renewable energy target

In a long-term perspective Ukraine plans to introduce the policy of mandatory renewable energy target, with a minimum share of green energy at 11% of total electricity sales, member of the national commission on state energy regulations Oleksandr Rogozin told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.
According to the official, working out the plan Ukraine will follow world experience and practice.
A mandatory renewable energy target is a government legislated requirement on electricity retailers to source specific proportions of total electricity sales from renewable energy sources according to a fixed timeframe.
At least 66 countries, including 27 EU countries have renewable energy policy targets of some type. The EU baseline target is 20% by 2020.
"According to our obligations, including in the Energy Community, we expect to set 11% share. This is our long-term goal. Last year, for example, the share of "green energy" made only 0.8%, thus we have a long way to go," Rogozin said.