Sunday, June 23, 2013

Toyota named best Global Green Brand

United Arab Emirates, Dubai, June 22nd 2013: Toyota has been named the world's Best Global Green Brand for the third year running, a further confirmation of its environmental credentials and leadership. The 2013 Best Global Green Brands report, compiled by international brand consultancy Interbrand, determines the gap between a company's environmental performances and its actual environmental practices.
More than 10,000 consumers surveyed around the world recognised Toyota for committing to sustainable environmental leadership and having invested in green vehicles such as the pioneering Toyota Prius. They also appreciated the company's various programmes designed to reduce greenhouse emissions, water usage and energy consumption throughout its operations.
Toyota currently explores a greener future of mobility at the Ecoful Town, a low-carbon pilot project in Toyota City, Japan, and aims at establishing a recycling-based society in harmony with nature.
The company will be rolling out new hybrid models in the next three years while developing new fuel-cell technologies, lithium-air batteries, and LED lighting technologies. In 2015 Toyota also plans to commercialise its hydrogen fuel-cell hybrid vehicle, featuring next-generation powertrain technology and approaching what the company considers as the ultimate eco-car.
Al-Futtaim Motors, exclusive distributors of Toyota in the UAE is similarly committed towards sustainable operations through long term partnerships with semi-governmental institutions and the introduction of green innovations to its latest facilities.
“Our new facilities have been specifically designed to reduce energy consumption in its various forms” said Simon Frith, Managing Director Al-Futtaim Motors. “We are privileged to be living in a country that enjoys sun light all year long. To make use of this free energy, our newest facilities are structured in a way to receive long hours of natural daylight, minimising the need for artificial lighting. Additionally, we have introduced a special technology that directs water from the car wash section at our new facility to an in-house recycling plant which regenerates and repurposes clear water,” he added.
Al-Futtaim Motors’ most significant contribution towards a cleaner environment was the supply of ten Hybrid Camry vehicles to Dubai Taxi Corporation for three years, which resulted in 33% improvement in fuel efficiency and 33% lower CO2 emissions .This was part of a pilot to test the efficacy of hybrid taxis in the UAE and their positive impact on the environment, which resulted in an agreement to supply 20 Hybrid Camry taxi cabs in the third quarter of 2013.
“Toyota globally owns 18 hybrid nameplates, including the famous Prius, Camry and Yaris H. By continuing to work closely with our principle, and our key partners in the government and transport sectors, we hope to introduce some of these hybrid models in the UAE.. We will cooperate with all relevant authorities to create awareness for sustainable mobility whilst supporting the global Toyota strategy for the deployment of hybrid technology.”
Toyota has received strong support from customers across 80 countries around the world leading to global cumulative sales of 5 million hybrid vehicles by the end of 2013.