Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Intermountain Wind and Solar Announces the Release of a Guide Covering the Benefits of Wind and Solar Power in Utah

By switching to the products from Intermountain Wind and Solar (IWS), people have been able to use renewable energy and cut down costs on their power bill. The company is offering a guide on their website that explains the benefits of alternative energy sources and the impact they have on wallets as well as the environment.
Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) June 11, 2013
Using renewable energy in Utah helps thousands of homes and businesses dramatically reduce their monthly utility bills. IWS is a company that specializes in installing and producing devices that make this possible. Their photovoltaic, thermal, and wind energy systems make saving on energy costs affordable. This company is the leading provider of wind and solar energy, due to their commitment in giving their clients the most advanced technology on the market. Now, IWS is giving potential clients the knowledge they need to make the decision on purchasing products from them.
Upon completing the requested information, interested consumers will receive a no cost, full information guide about the services and products offered by IWS. The guide goes over beneficial options of solar panel installers in Utah and what they have to offer companies and residents alike. The guide takes consumers through all the main functional units, including: photovoltaic power, thermal and wind energy.
Photovoltaic power uses the energy of the sun through grid systems installed on the roofs of homes or businesses. This company uses two types of systems, on grid and off grid. On grid is a combination of two sources, the local power grid and solar panels. This system is most commonly used in homes or small offices where the primary source of power cannot completely rely on solar power in Utah. Off grid power is the opposite; these properties rely entirely on solar panels as an alternative energy source. A photovoltaic system can also provide its user with 1-3 days of backup power if bad weather occurs.Solar panel installers in Utah from IWS will install the panels where the sun is most prominent and can provide the most amount of power to the building.
Hot water is used daily for showers, dishes, cooking, cleaning, and other household tasks. Getting hot water is a utility cost that can be reduced with a solar thermal system. IWS's pressurized glycol system is a closed loop device that can supply hot water using renewable energy in Utah. This system uses a combination of water and glycol in a storage system to produce hot water. One advantage of this company’s system is that it will work during freezing temperatures, a feature that is difficult to find in other products like this.
Like solar power in Utah, wind energy can heavily decrease the cost of utilities for any commercial or residential property. Unlike sun, wind is a resource that may not be as readily available as renewable energy in Utah. In order to use a wind turbine for power, the property must have consistent wind speeds of 12 miles per hour or higher. There must also be enough space for a wind turbine to be installed on the property.
“We want to ensure that our potential clients know all the details of specific units and which ones will function best for their business or home,” said Doug Shipley, founder of IWS. “This new no cost guide is being used to educate people in order to better understand the need for alternative energy and how it works.” To find out if wind is a feasible resource for power or for reputable solar panel installers in Utah, visit http://www.imwindandsolar.com.