Monday, June 10, 2013

Godawari Green Energy, the first to commission a CSP plant under the JNNSM in India

Godawari Green Energy Limited (GGEL) has won the race to commission the first Concentrated Solar Power plant developed under the Jawaharlal Nerhu National Solar Mission (JNNSM) promoted by India's government to boost the solar generation across India.
The widely criticized CSP program included in the JNNSM has resulted a failure in its first phase, if we only consider the established deadline to commission the projects. Indeed, none of the plants has met the timeframe to put the plants on line.
However, the plant promoted by Hira Group's subsidiary GGEL has been very near, just a few days over the deadline. This fact may suggest that the program was correct and the companies that were awarded in the bidding process have failed in their forecasts.
According to previous reports, it seems it has been a shared fault. Some water infrastructures expected to be complete are experiencing delays and a number of projects claim delays in equipment supply from abroad. After these circumstances, India's government announced a extended deadline until March 2014 for the CSP projects. Seven CSP projects totaling 470 MW were allocated under phase I of JNNSM back in 2010. The projects, promoted by Corporate Ispat Alloys, Lanco Infratech,Hira Group, Aurum Renewable Energy, KVK Energy,Megha Engineering and Reliance Power, had to be commissioned by May 2013 or would face some penalties if delayed.
The plant built by GGEL is a 50 MW parabolic trough plant located near the Nokh Village in Jaisalmer district at Rajsthan state -more details available at the CSP World Map-. According to CSP Today, the plant started to feed the grid last June 5, coinciding with World Environment Day.