Sunday, June 2, 2013

ANN ARBOR: 13th annual Green Fair highlights area’s environmental leadership

ANN ARBOR — The City of Ann Arbor Mayor’s Office is hosting the 13th annual Green Fair on Main Street from 6-9 p.m. Friday, June 14 to celebrate the community’s environmental leadership as exhibited by citizens, nonprofits, government and businesses.
Ann Arbor’s downtown Main Street will be closed to regular automotive traffic, but will be open for walkers and displays of environmental information, “green” products, live music, and general enjoyment of the urban outdoor environment. Information, entertainment, and hands-on activities for all ages will be provided.
Live music by Kevin and the Glen Levens will be amplified through solar energy, and local vendors will sell organic food on Liberty Street near Main Street.
The Green Fair hosts three related events located on Main Street between East Huron and William:
n The Environmental Leaders Area showcases more than 50 environmental nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and participating businesses that have earned the “Waste Knot” partner designation from Washtenaw County. Many of the exhibit areas will provide information and host hands-on activities for all ages, such as environmental information, crafts, and live birds of prey demonstrations.
n The Clean Energy Expo, coordinated by the local nonprofit organization Clean Energy Coalition, provides a forum for innovative energy-saving designs and actions, including displays of alternative fuel vehicles, demonstrations of green building materials, solar energy installations, renewable energy installations and more.
n The Green Commute Area, sponsored by the getDowntown Program, showcases a variety of ordinary and innovative sustainable transportation choices — ranging from AATA’s buses to Zipcars and bikes, including the circumference/conference bike. Valet bike parking will be offered.
This year’s event will also include the inaugural Stormdrain Chalk Art Competition, sponsored by The Huron River Watershed Council and the City of Ann Arbor.
Twelve artists, preselected by the HRWC, will draw in the surrounding space of available stormdrains along Main Street during the Mayor’s Green Fair. Their drawings will depict the protection of the natural watershed and how it relates to the storm infrastructure in the city. The purpose of each design is to help educate the public on the drain’s connection to the river. Prizes and awards will be distributed by popular vote and by a panel of judges.