Wednesday, May 8, 2013

GE unveils 1.7-100

GE has taken the wraps off its new 1.7-100 wind turbine, 59 of which have already been snapped up by NextEra Energy Resources for a scheme in Michigan.
The 1.7-100 is the second machine in the manufacturer’s ‘Brilliant’ platform and advances the 1.6-100 series through electrical system upgrades which allow higher energy productions.
NextEra president Armando Pimentel said: “GE is a trusted partner and a leader in wind turbine technology and innovation. Wind turbine innovation is key to the continued growth of the wind industry and we look forward to installing this new 1.7MW technology machine.”
GE said the latest development boosts power from the previous 1.6MW unit by 6% and has blades which extend 100 meters, “making it well suited to a variety of wind farm locations”.
GE wind products general manager Keith Longtin said: “The 1.7-100 is the latest evolution of our advanced wind turbine technology and was designed to ensure consistent performance, reliability and efficiency.”
Image: GE’s 1.7-100 is the most efficient in its class (GE)