Monday, May 20, 2013

Construction of the first green energy efficient school in Eastern Europe

Begin this summer in Nis, Serbia Business News Correspondent - 20.05.2013
Construction of the first green energy efficient school in Eastern Europe to begin this summer in Nis, Serbia
„The demand for resources worldwide exceeds today the biological capacity of the Earth by an estimated 20 percent. We must conserve and use sustainably the earth’sbiodiversity and ecosystem services. This calls for sharper policy and better cooperation at the national and regional policies.“ – UNESCO’s Commitment to Sustainable Development
MIFIMI Energy Ltd., with the official support of The City of Niš, has conceived original solutions for what will be the first green energy efficient school in Eastern Europe and among the first schools of this kind in the world. The remodeling of „Desanka Maksimović“ Primary School in Čokot is scheduled to begin in July, while the company is still procuring funds to fully complete the project by the beginning of the school year in September.
The large scale adaptation of this school building will provide excellent conditions for children to learn and grow in a healthy environment, complete with an energy-efficient heating and cooling facility which aim to preserve the environment and reduce costs. By addressing environmental issues and reducing waste, the municipality and city will be able to save money which can be reinvested elsewhere in the community. The engineers at MIFIMI Energy, a company that has numerous energy efficient projects in its portfolio, have been working on solutions for green schools for several years now and are eager to see the project realized.
“We want to help make schools sustainable and to bring about behaviour change in young people and those connected to them. Good habits learned in schools are followed through into homes and communities. We hope to see our vision of a green school come alive when children return to school in September,” says Milan Veljkovic, a head engineer and representative of the company that conceived the first green school in Serbia.
The project’s engineers, along with representatives of the city of Nis, believe this is a journey well worth taking however and say they will be there to offer their expertise and support to other schools and communities who decide to undertake such projects in the future. The overall project will also make particular efforts to educate the children, parents and other members of the community on the topics of sustainable development and environment. Source: Krazy Fish Consulting