Saturday, April 6, 2013

Romanian Energy Law set to be changed once more

April 2013 - From the Print Edition
The Ministry of Economy issued a draft of emergency government ordinance (EGO) to amend the Energy Law 220/2008, after only one year from the last amendments.
According to the draft that is under public debate for 30 days, the allocation of green certificates (GC) will be temporarily suspended during the period 1 July 2013 - 31 December 2016 and will be implemented as follows: one GC for new hydropower plants, with installed power of a maximum of 10 MW; one GC for the wind plants; two GC for solar plants. The recovery of the suspended green certificates will commence on 1 January 2017 for hydropower and solar plants and 1 January 2018 for wind plants.
As of the EGO's enactment date, the accreditation of power plants benefiting from green certificates will be done up to the level of total annual values provided in the national Action plan in the field of Renewable Energy (PNAER). In case the total annual values are reached, ANRE will stop the accreditation of the power plants until it will be possible to include new facilities in the new annual values of PNAER.
This raises strong concerns especially for technologies like solar where such PNAER annual value has already been reached.
Upon the issuance of the technical agreement for interconnection (in Romanian "ATR") the grid operators may request guarantees.
As of the EGO's enactment date, the RES-E producers that own RES-E production plants with installed power with a maximum of 5 MW per power plant and who benefit from green certificates, may conclude direct bilateral agreements with the electricity suppliers.
If ANRE concludes that certain technologies are overcompensated, it will make a proposal for the reduction of green certificates to the Government in order to readjust the agreed technology IRRs. Any measures for a reduction of GC will be enacted by Government decision within sixty days and will be applicable to those RES-E producers who obtain the accreditation after the enactment of the decision.