Saturday, April 6, 2013

It is unlawful to suspend wind and solar parks and this is done out of populist election motives

Rumen Hristov: It is unlawful to suspend wind and solar parks and this is done out of populist election motives

They try to pin energy management mistakes in Bulgaria on renewable energy sources: Bulgarian Photovoltaic Association
06 April 2013 | 18:39 | FOCUS News Agency
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Sofia. They are trying to pin all mistakes in the management of the Bulgarian energy sector since 1989 on renewable energy sources, Rumen Hristov, a member of the Managing Board of the Bulgarian Photovoltaic Association, said in an interview with FOCUS News Agency.
A problem we encounter is the absolute unpredictability of returns, given that there is no normal legal framework, he said.
The facilities under construction encounter a problem as well, because the European Union is carrying out an anti-dumping investigation and considering whether to impose import duties on modules made in China. This creates uncertainty in the future facilities, but this uncertainty will be overcome in June when it will be announced whether duties will be imposed or not and if they are, how much they will be, he added.
Another problem the producers in the sector encounter is the lack of programs for renewable energy production. There were some small ones in which little money – up to BGN 200,000 – was spent in a silly way. It would be more reasonable to provide loans with low interest rates and stimulate Bulgarian production and consumption, noted Rumen Hristov.
The biggest problem is that politicians and everyone related with the Bulgarian energy sector fail to understand that renewable energy is the future and I hope that our association and all citizens who want to have a cleaner planet and cheaper electricity in the future will support the cause of renewable energy sources, he concluded.