Saturday, April 13, 2013

Energy and Clean Technologies an Integral Part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Today marked the conclusion of the massive five-day industrial trade event Hannover Messe in Hannover, Germany. Comprising 11 trade fairs staged under one roof, the show featured the keynote theme of “Integrated Industry.” A total of 6,550 exhibitors highlighted a multitude of innovative products and technology solutions, providing a vivid showcase for this theme.
Among the fair, green energy and clean technologies emerged as a central component to Industry 4.0. Below are highlights provided courtesy of the show organizers.

The leading-edge technologies displayed by Energy exhibitors illustrated their ability to make a real contribution to the global transition in energy systems. Exhibits covered the entire energy industry supply chain, from generation, grid supply, transmission, distribution, and storage through to the latest IT and market mechanisms for smart grids. The focus was on potential savings and efficiency gains from decentralized energy supply solutions. This involved energy efficiency service providers and the entire cogeneration and trigeneration market segment, plus the decentralized grid supply stationary fuel cells featured at the Hydrogen + Fuel Cells pavilion.
Smart grids were a major theme, with a dedicated theme park and an accompanying forum. The most popular Hannover Messe forum was again “Life Needs Power”, where experts from policy, research, and industry debated all the key trends and issues confronting the energy industry. Another major drawing card was the Renewable Energy forum, located within the exhibition sector of the same name. The forum featured informative presentations on wind and bio energy, photovoltaic systems, and solar and geothermal energy.
Wind power is seen as the driving force among the various renewable energy options. Worldwide installed power has already reached more than 200 GW, and the participants in the Wind flagship tradeshow were clearly there to talk business. The leading manufacturers, subcontractors, logistics specialists and service providers were on hand to present their new concept designs and technologies for on- and off-shore solutions, and they used the international industrial platform provided by Hannover Messe to highlight their skills for the energy transition.
Higher towers, larger nacelles, longer rotor vanes and more powerful transmission systems are making wind energy plants more powerful. Optimized plants for low-wind locations also have a part to play in making efficient use of wind energy. The Wind event again highlighted the enormous innovation momentum in this sector.
The displays of IndustrialGreenTec exhibitors at events covering all aspects of environmental technologies focused primarily on the needs and issues facing SMEs from all over the world. At a range of workshops and conferences, international trade visitors were able to learn from the pioneers of sustainable production processes. Special attention was given to best-practice examples in terms of resource efficiency and the conservation of natural resources. One of the event highlights was the IndustrialGreenTec Conference, centered around the practical implementation of sustainable production processes and how businesses can benefit from them.
Industrial Supply
The Industrial Supply exhibitors impressed visitors with their wide range of applications and solutions-oriented products and technologies for functions like solid and sheet metal forming, machined components, systems and subassemblies, casting products and latches and locking systems, operating controls, fastening techniques and joining and adhesive bonding technology. Lightweight construction topics were again a special highlight. This technology is seen as providing intelligent solutions for sustainable efficiency improvements. Meanwhile, the first Wind Energy Suppliers forum focused on eco-friendly, resource-conserving production processes, competitive logistics, new materials and process engineering solutions and intelligent production technology.