Sunday, April 7, 2013

'Anonymous' hackers launch cyberattack on Israeli sites

Anonymous targets Israel, JPost repels hackers

"Concerted and pointed attempt to bring down the JPost website," part of cyber attack which also targets Yad Vashem site.

The Jerusalem Post successfully managed to thwart concerted attempts Sunday to hack its website, on the day that the hacker group Anonymous warned it would be targeting Israeli websites
"There was a concerted and pointed attempt to bring down the JPost website, in particular the blogs sections, through Distributed Denial of Service (Ddos),"said Jerusalem PostCTO Yossi Aviv.
"I don't want to go into the specifics of how we combated this attack, but suffice it to say, we were successful in neutralizing the threat. We have been taking all measures to protect the site since last week, in advance of the anticipated attacks by Anonymous.
"The Jerusalem Post places great importance on the smooth running of the website, with its hundreds of thousands of visitors every day from every corner of the world."
Distributed Denial of Service attacks target a website's servers, flooding them with false requests for access, thereby making it impossible for surfers to access a particular site.
Anonymous had announced that it would strike at Israeli websites, claiming that Israel had attempted to curb internet access for Palestinians. The attacks, Anonymous said in a video announcement released at the end of March, were an act of solidarity with the Palestinians.
Over the weekend and on Sunday anti-Israel hackers said they had gained access to hundreds of Israeli Facebook accounts, and updated their Twitter account with a list of Israeli websites they said have been hacked. But by noon Sunday, there was normal function for nearly all of the websites that had reportedly been hacked.
The attackers, who struck on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day, in particular targeted the website of Yad Vashem, Israel's national Holocaust museum. Cyber attack expert Roni Becher said that the Yad Vashem website has come under a "fairly massive attack."
Greetings World.

During November 2012 Israel's aggression towards the people living in the Gaza strip resulted in the deaths of more than one hundred people. This included thirty children and wounding more than 1000 others. At the time of the aggression, #OpIsrael was launched. Within few hours of the operation launch there were thousands of defaces and hacks, databases released or deleted, dozens of disruptions to government sites and more. Peace had been achieved for the residents of Gaza and Israel. However, this peace was short lived.

As many mainstream media outlets have made known, Israel has broken the November 21st ceasefire truce by launching air strikes in northern Gaza. What these mainstream media outlets do not allow you to know is that Israel has violated the ceasefire agreement more than one hundred times, killing four palestinians in Gaza, and injuring dozens of others between November 21st and today. 

Furthermore, Palestinians from Gaza to the West Bank continue to be attacked, raided, segregated, imprisoned and grossly mistreated in prison while illegal Israeli settlements and Israeli land theft continues unchecked, even after a UN panel declared these settlements illegal in January. Gaza suffers a seemingly endless and inhumane blockade where the only import is Israeli sewage pumped directly into it and US made teargas, bombs, and bullets that are used by the IDF to attack a largely defenseless population.

To the government of Israel: You have NOT stopped your endless human right violations. You have NOT stopped illegal settlements. You have NOT respected the ceasefire. You have shown that you do NOT respect international law. This is why that on April 7, elite cyber-squadrons from around the world have decided to unite in solidarity with the Palestinian people against Israel as one entity to disrupt and erase Israel from cyberspace.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
To the Government of Israel, it is too late to EXPECT US.